The Art of Storytelling

Most of us might have a vivid memory of our childhood days sitting on our grandparents lap and listening to the stories of epics on Lord Ram, Krishna, Meera; some of us have even heard stories of Cinderella and Rapunzel repeated over zillion meal times or during the scorching summer holidays when we were only […]

Saree – # the global attire

Once hailed Indian attire, Saree which had been in a lull  for a while is back in vogue again. The comeback with revival of its lost charm can not only be felt in India but across the globe. There exists cultural variation to the drape among various regions in India itself, however the well known […]

The Telltale story of the Ajrakh

For an archaeologist from South Asia such as me, what could be a more precious discovery than the Priest King of Mohenjo-Daro! Archaeologists have been debating on his role and position in Indus Valley society, but for those who are inclined towards aesthetics and art they are fascinated with his shawl depicting trefoil patterns interspersed […]

Preserving one of India’s ancient traditional arts: Madhubani

Originating from a small district in Bihar, Madhubani – an ancient art has become the embellishment of Indian Heritage. Nevertheless, the art has been a major benefactor for most women in India and it has helped save a lot of the natural resources. The amusing fact about Madhubani is the extraction of colours from elements […]