About Us

Our story

Timeless, Modern, Indian 

ShrusEternity was conceived in 2012 when Shruthi - who was then a fiery college-goer, Nikhil - the brother, Santhoshi - the saree soul sister, and Santhosh - the best friend, invested in their vision fuelled by their passion for designs by handloom. 

It was not going to be an easy feat but we were passionate about it enough to see it through. ShrusEternity was beginning its mainstream journey but we didn’t step out of our corporate jobs for another five years, until ShrusEternity gained popularity and witnessed a steady business growth. 

Built on hard work, a strong sense of ethnicity in design across fabrics, it was time to inaugurate our online presence. ShrusEternity is now a one stop shop at TNagar, has its own website and an app that brings a wholesome shopping experience. 

Owing to the quality, promise, and vibrant persona ShrusEternity had established, it is now the humble abode to a multitude of modern, durable, and timeless handloom fashions. The journey has been humbling in that ShrusEternity started with a small number of sarees to being able to design out of dedicated handlooms now!

Visit us at the store to explore our very own sarees. You can check out our saree reels here.